Anti-trust Statement | Competition Laws Compliance Policy

WAN-IFRA aims to be the trusted global partner for the news media at the forefront of press freedom, quality journalism, innovative and sustainable business and technology models. Convinced that freedom of the press is ensured by a strong and independent news media industry, we believe in solidarity in action and community commitment in the face of challenges.

WAN-IFRA executes its mission and vision through activities that include industry meetings where members, publishers, associations and technology suppliers draw on the collective pool of strengths and skills to the benefit of our entire community. In these occasions, we foster international co-operation and encourage the exchange of ideas, information and experience between all parties of the news publishing industry. We provide expertise and research in publishing strategy, editorial, advertising, marketing, technology, production and distribution issues to the industry.

While WAN-IFRA thrives to promote its members’ interests, the association can in no circumstance be used as forum for restrictive agreements or concerted practices among members, nor as a means to create or encourage infringements of competition law. WAN-IFRA will not enter into any discussion, activity or conduct that may infringe, on its part or on the part of its members and participants, any applicable competition laws.

1. Competition Laws Compliance Policy

WAN-IFRA events and research work are available to all actors in the industry and are in no way reserved to members.

The rules for admission and exclusion from membership are non-discriminatory, based upon objective standards and transparent. They can be found both in the WAN-IFRA website and Statutes.

All meetings organised in the presence of competitors within WAN-IFRA have the sole purpose of disseminating best practices and provide a level playing field to all attendants – whether they are members or not.

In some governmental meetings topics can be discussed that might lead to the development of common association approaches or positions with regard to shared issues or concerns, such as legislative initiatives at supra-national levels. In such cases, statements or position papers are open to sign-in by industry players that are not members of WAN-IFRA.

Under no circumstances non-public Competitively Sensitive Information will be exchanged in WAN-IFRA meetings. Competitively Sensitive Information are any non-public strategic information about a business’s commercial policy such as:

    • intentions in future competitive behaviour
    • pricing, purchasing, marketing and advertisement strategies
    • costs and revenues

Unless the information is in the public domain, historic or  aggregated.

2. Competition Laws Compliance Practices

It is explicitly forbidden to use WAN-IFRA as a forum for:

    • price fixing or coordinating
    • market partitioning
    • concerted exclusion of specific customers or suppliers
    • any other concerted practices aimed at restricting competition.

WAN-IFRA prepares detailed agendas, sent in advance of all meetings organised by the association. Any participant who might feel uncomfortable with regards to specific agenda points in relation with competition law, can raise the matter with the chairperson ahead of the meeting. If no other solution is found to the participants’ doubts the presence of their lawyer will be allowed.

This Competition Laws Compliance Policy and Practices document is available in the WAN-IFRA website at the page “Governance Guidelines and Procedures“. Its existence and contents will be reminded to participants at the beginning of sensitive meetings. The chairperson of all meetings has a print copy of the document available for consultation by any participant.

If an inappropriate topic arises in WAN-IFRA meetings or gatherings, WAN-IFRA staff and/or the meeting chairman shall:

    • Immediately stop the conversation
    • Collect any documentation that might have been shared on the topic, and return it all back to the owner
    • If the discussion persists, staff and /or chairman will immediately conclude the meeting and leave the room.
    • The objection of WAN-IFRA to the discussion, its departure and the list of attendants will be minuted.

This competition compliance policy and the rules therein are intended to be applicable both to formal and social gatherings within the WAN-IFRA activities.

Update, September 2020