25 January 2024 - 15 April 2024
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International Color Quality Club 2024-2026 Awards

An international print quality contest for newspaper and magazine publishers

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The 16th International Color Quality Contest (ICQC) is the worldwide quality contest for newspapers and magazines, organized by World Printers Forum (WPF)  with an objective to improve the quality of reproduction and printing, while also increasing competitiveness as well as training and motivating all personnel. This award rewards the winners who print as per international ISO 12647-3.

The contest evaluation is based on a set of ISO standards measured on the cuboid printed during contest period, which evaluates process capabilities like news shade, dot gain, color conformity, color space and grey balances. Additionally, the evaluation is also carried out by a panel of experts, who evaluate the visual print quality from the readers perspective, which covers general printing quality, such as printed color accuracy, image sharpness and contrast and registrations.

The winners will gain one star for each of their successful club membership and the stars accumulated over the years will form Elite star Club (5+ stars) and Millennium Club (10+ stars) . The winners are recognised with Certificates of membership atEuropean Printers Summit 2024.


Why ICQC ?

  • Enables newspaper and magazine publishers to compete with the international peers compare their printing quality with that of their peers.
  • Participants receive a detailed report on their printing quality, which helps them identify areas for improvement and implement corrective measures.
  • Provides a platform for publishers to showcase their printing quality and gain recognition for their efforts.

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