Q&A with sisterMAG’s Antonia Neubauer

Antonia and Theresa Neubauer are the founders of Berlin’s Carry-On Publishing and sisterMAG, a bi-monthly, digital-only publication in German and English that covers fashion, technology, digital trends, food, DIY and other lifestyle issues, and is aimed at widely interested, well-educated, independent women.

by Brian Veseling | October 4, 2013

At Expo, the Neubauers will be speaking at the first “Innovative Advertising” session at the Media Port Revenue stand (1.2.710), which takes place at 10:00, Tuesday, 8 October.

Shortly before Expo, Antonia Neubauer answered a few questions for us about how sisterMAG has been received and offered a look at their goals for the future.

WAN-IFRA: What has the response to sisterMAG been like from readers?

Antonia Neubauer: We are delighted that our readers’ feedback has been throughout positive. To be honest, we never expected that much interest and active participation. Our readers’ comments, tweets and e-mails are a huge source of motivation and confirmation for us.

What part of publishing sisterMAG do you enjoy the most?

We find our work at Carry-On Publishing and sisterMAG extremely enriching in terms of being confronted with a wide range of topics, creative people and the possibility to create something we are passionate about.

What are your goals for sisterMAG for the next year or two?

We constantly work on improving the magazine and developing it further and hope that our readers will appreciate and support sisterMAG as much as they do right now. What is more, we also strive to fulfill our dream of a digital publishing house offering a variety of different titles. Therefore, one of our main goals is to further develop our portfolio and invest in new titles.

How are you financing the publication?

Carry-On Publishing (COP) is a publishing house for digital-only magazines based in Berlin. COP is self-financed, independent and not part of a large media company. COP is financed through content marketing with partners like Telekom Deutschland, Media Broadcast, Coca-Cola, DHL or Merck. We focus less on disruptive advertising and more on integrating the advertisers into the content of the magazines.

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