Study: Pinterest tops Twitter in driving traffic to publishers

For the second year in a row, publishers are getting more traffic from Pinterest than they are from Twitter, according to a new study by Shareaholic, which tracked how eight of the most popular social networks are helping deliver traffic to publishers.

by Brian Veseling | October 16, 2013

The survey, which looked at some 200,000 publishers that together reach more than 250 million unique visitors, found that Facebook holds a firm lead, with more than 10 percent of traffic coming from it alone, but Pinterest is a solid second, firmly ahead of Twitter – as can be seen below on the chart from Statista.

Together, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounted for slightly more than 15 percent of traffic in September, according to Shareaholic’s Danny Wong.

He also notes that in the past year, YouTube and LinkedIn have been “growing fast. Their share of overall traffic to publishers increased 52.86% and 34.51% respectively.”

“What’s really astonishing, though, is the apparent irrelevance of Google+ as a traffic source for online publishers,” writes Felix Richter, Media Relations Manager at Statista, in a post on that website. “According to Shareaholics, Google+ is the source of no more than 0.04% of publishers’ website traffic.”

However, as Wong notes, “0.04% is a substantial number when we’re looking at a data set of hundreds of millions of visits.”

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