France announces winners of Louise Weiss Prize

The French government on Wednesday announced the latest recipients of the Louise Weiss Prize.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | January 9, 2014

The winners, presented by Minister of European Affairs Thierry Repentin, are Valério VincenzoRenaud HonoréAlice Dubot, and Oriane Laromiguière.

Vincenzo won the prize based on his photography of national borders in Europe, in a series titled Borderline. The images were published by French travel magazine Geo. Honoré received his honour for, “Le roman noir des cartels,” an investigative journalism piece that ran in Les Echos. Dubot and Laromiguière were chosen for their co-written article, “Décibels, durables, les festivals donnent le la,” a look at the environmental impact of festivals, which was published in Slate France.

Louise Weiss (1893-1983) was a French journalist, author, feminist and European politician. The Louise Weiss Prize was created in 2005 by the French wing of the Association of European Journalists to encourage systematic, educational reportage of European affairs by French journalists.

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