DME14: Yahoo: All banners on mobile to go by mid-year

The theme of native advertising at this year’s Digital Media Europe conference continued on Wednesday, as Regan Senkarik, Senior Director of Channel Sales, Yahoo! announced that the company is moving away completely from banners on mobile this summer.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | April 9, 2014

“We see an enormous lift of performance of ads when we do our deep personalisation, and an even higher lift when we move away from banners,” said Senkarik.

Everything Yahoo! does focuses around users’ Daily Habits, making those experiences better and more personalised. In the US, Yahoo! is number 1 in mail, sports, finance, news and in the top 3 in 25 categories. “There are so many reasons to come to Yahoo! and we’re number one in so many areas – that’s why our behavioural targeting is so good,” Senkarik.

Yahoo starts with deep, addressable data on 100 million+ registered users and then adds accurate, recent and granular data from more than 25 data partners.

‘We don’t just look at what sites you go to’

“I deal a lot with networks, and their level of targeting is much more basic. If they have an automotive site in their network, and a user visits that site 10 times in a month, they fall into an auto segment. In contrast, we don’t just look at what sites you go to; we also look at what you search for, what ads you look at, what you buy, and include third party data around purchase cycles. How quickly you fall into and fall out of a segment is significantly different.”

Senkarik is responsible for the partners in the Local Media Consortium (the recently rebranded Newspaper Consortium), a strategic partnership of some 700 local print and broadcast companies, whose mission it is to increase member companies’ potential share of digital revenue and audience by pursuing relationships with companies like Yahoo!, specifically through the selling of inventory.

Senkarik revealed that Yahoo! Is working with Consortium partners on a beta version of a content recommendation technology, for local media companies to use to engage with their audience on their sites. Yahoo! Is also rolling out a new self-serve platform that lets publishers automatically create a Yahoo! screen channel and Tumblr video posts, enabling video distribution across the Yahoo! network through editorial curation combined with algorithm recommendations.

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