Solutions Journalism: hub launched to encourage collaboration

Focusing on rigorous and compelling reporting about responses to social problems, US-based Solutions Journalism Network has re-launched their website today – including an online hub, and a database of solutions stories called the ‘Solutions Story Tracker’.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | May 24, 2016

The Solutions Journalism Network has created this one-stop visual archive for journalists and editors to connect, collaborate, and produce beyond the limits of their respective newsrooms. Relaunched as an online hub to which you can sign up to become a member, the site now acts as a network to find others interested in solutions journalism in a specific beat or locale, ranging from topics such as arts and culture to race and religion. The site also has toolkits, beat-specific guides, reporter Q&A’s, annotated examples, and other resources to assist journalists in solutions-oriented storytelling.

President and COO Keith Hammonds told the World Editor’s Forum that solutions journalism is “part of what good journalism has always been. While it’s not a new idea, it is a new implementation of an idea that can expand the scope of my work, create more impact, and deepen my relationship with audiences and communities.”

The Solutions Story Tracker holds more than 1,000 solutions stories from all over the world, searchable by journalist, publication, location, and keyword and providing a useful tool to establish which solutions have been highlighted for the issues journalists are covering.

It may be used to generate story ideas, or connect with journalists. The database offers a selection of various resources and opportunities for journalists to connect, based on area or interest, gatherings, conferences, and employment opportunities.

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