Pressure builds on ad sales networks as a result of fake and partisan news

As more and more brands are unwilling to have their advertisements presented on sites that feature false or overtly biased news, third-party ad sales networks struggle to give their clients sufficient control over where their ads are published.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | December 5, 2016

According to The New York Times, several prominent brands have announced that they would stop advertising on Breitbart News. However, because of the complicated network of third-party agencies that sell and place online advertising, companies may find it hard to have full control over where their ads are displayed.

Since the Kellogg Company said it would pull its advertising from Breitbart, several other brands announced they would follow suit, CBS News reported.

However, NPR points out that for advertisers, concern over fake news is likely overshadowed by the issue of ad sales against “fake eyeballs” – metrics that exaggerate a website’s audience.

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