Hackastory: teaching coders and journalists how to collaborate

Building the future of journalism by organising journalism Hackathons where multidisciplinary teams of designers, coders and journalists work together.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | September 21, 2017

Hackastory founder Albertine Piels was working as a journalist for 15 years when she realised she had not once in those years worked with a newsroom developer. This struck her as strange, especially since collaboration with cameramen, producers and editors is very common within the Dutch broadcasting organisation she was working for at the time.

Wondering whether this surprised more professionals in the journalism field, she created a simple wordpress page where she asked people to reach out if they were interested in collaborating. Within an hour, 15 people had signed up:

“The first Hackathon came out of this. It was an incredibly basic setup. We just welcomed all the participants and then they all started tapping on their computers. And almost all teams ran into big challenges.”


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