Podcast – The Cost of Safety

What is the cost of keeping yourself safe when you’re a journalist?

by Andrew Heslop | January 30, 2020

Journalists, editors and security managers help us start to understand how money can be a safety concern in itself, especially for freelancers who are often left on their own to negotiate budgets and insurance coverage.

In this epiosde:

  • Safa Al Ahmad, freelance journalist and film-maker.
  • Zaffar Abbas, editor of Dawn newspaper in Pakistan.
  • Prash Naik, media lawyer, former general counsel for Channel 4 television in the UK.
  • Sharbil Nammour, Global Head of Security and Risk at Vice Media.

The Backstory production team is Andrew Heslop, Mariona Sanz, Colette Davidson and Sarah Elzas, who edited and mixed the episode.

Music in this episode by Swelling.

Visit The Backstory series page for more episodes.



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