The next round of the Asian Best in Print contest is back

2021-03-04. The Asian Best in Print 2021 contest is back with a lot of freshness and few changes in the criteria for application. The award’s objective is to prove and improve print reproduction quality while seeding the competitiveness among the organisation’s workforce. The call for entries is announced today.

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by Prabhu Natrajan | March 4, 2021

The Best in Print Award’s objective is to showcase and prove newspapers and magazines’ ability to print at the highest quality according to international ISO standards and WAN-IFRA standards.

The print quality is judged in two aspects. Firstly, a given print control element, the “Cuboid”, is measured by colorimetric devices for ISO 12347-3 standard targets, measured for five consecutive print runs. Secondly, overall visual print quality is evaluated by the jury’s expert members according to established criteria. Publishers and printers can register one or more publication titles regardless of the printing technology.

The upcoming edition of Best in Print 2021 has few significant changes in the process and approach that bring new flavours with a new category for small-sized newspapers. New software and user interface enhance user access and a flexible print schedule that the participants can choose.

The contest is open for registration from newspapers and magazines in Asia, under three classes based on the participating publication titles’ circulation criteria. WAN-IFRA would recognise the top three winners and award Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in each of the classes.

  • Circulation below 50,000 copies
  • Circulation between 50,000 to 150,000 copies
  • Circulation above 150,000 copies


  • Registration for the contest opens on 05 March 2021.
  • To register online for the contest and to get the contest definitions, visit HERE.
  • Contest result will be announced in mid-June 2021, and the winners of the categories will be honoured/awarded at India Printing Summit 2021” scheduled for 25 August 2021.

Write to for any queries related to the contest.

Prabhu Natrajan

Research Engineer, WAN-IFRA, South Asia.

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