Key ad trends: Shift towards video, brand advertising and first-party data

2022-06-14. At this year’s virtual Asian Media Leaders Summit, a panel of speakers all agreed that the news media industry will see an increasing adoption of video, more brand advertising and the implementation of first-party data in their content and advertising sales strategies throughout this year and into the next. 

by WAN-IFRA Staff | June 14, 2022

By Lee Kah Whye

At the session – moderated by Gabey Goh, Associate Director at TBWA\ – the audience learned about these trends from Mark Stenberg, Senior Media Reporter from Adweek in the U.S.; David Wightman, Global Head of Advertising from the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong); and Sandeep Rai, Group Account Director, MediaCorp (Singapore). 

“Connected television, digital video, vertical video. A lot of publishers in the U.S. are really starting to ramp up the amount of video content that they are making,” said Stenberg. This is because “social platforms have really increased the visibility that they give to videos.” 

“Instagram and Facebook, in an attempt to compete with TikTok and YouTube, are really prioritising video content, and as a result you are seeing a lot of publishers really crank up the amount and quality of their video offerings.”

Expanding upon video trends, Wightman added that streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ could be well-positioned to add advertising support to their business models. “Subscriber-based advertising video on demand would be positive for the industry,” Wightman said.

Opportunities for ad-funded streaming services
He noted that, according to Nielsen, 25 percent of people’s time online is spent on streaming services and that streaming services’ subscriber growth is slowing down. That creates an opportunity for ad-funded streaming services. Viewers could then choose whether they are willing to consume advertising a...

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