Thomas Sandström of VK Media: ‘Newspaper is a climate-smart choice’

2023-04-25. In this interview, Thomas Sandström, Technical and Production director of the Sweden-based Daily Print (owned by VK Media), tells WAN-IFRA about paper price hikes, logistics, sustainability and more.

Thomas Sandström, Technical and Production director of the Daily Print in Umeå in Sweden

by Aultrin Vijay | April 25, 2023

WAN-IFRA: When did you begin working in the industry?
Thomas Sandström: My first contact with the newspaper business was as a seller. I used to deliver newspapers. Later, I met two newspaper printers in the city (Umeå, Sweden), which led to my employment as a printer. So, if you only look at the years in the printing industry, it is probably 39 years in various positions.

How does your company tackle the paper challenges?
My business has been hit with extremely high paper prices for a few years. Luckily, the prices seem to be coming down now. We have reduced surface weights on paper, and assignments with low page count is reducing.

Is your market facing difficulties in distribution?
On the distribution side, we are forming a new company which, in addition to newspapers, will broaden other distribution and hopefully also expand an existing package distribution business.

How is your company attracting new talents?
In northern Sweden, industrial development is very strong, which makes it difficult to recruit qualified personnel. So far, we have succeeded by having a good job offers and investments in working environment.

What are some of your most recent technology/hardware investments, and why?
We have invested in colour control and register control systems from DCOS to save wastepaper. We have also made – and will make – large investments in energy savings. The most recent investment was a new cooler compressor.

What issue has been irking you and affecting ...

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