Journalism under siege

2022-03-04. The Norwegian press organisations condemn the gagging of free media and attacks on journalists and the independent press in connection with Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Schibsted to donate one million Norwegian kroner to support independent Ukrainian news media

2022-03-03. “A week has passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. One of our main priorities as a company is being a solid owner of independent news media, free and able to report from the war,” said Schibsted in a statement announcing an emergency relief plan to Ukraine.

German BDZV supports action alliance disaster relief in support of Ukraine

2022-03-02. The Federal Association of Digital Publishers and Newspaper Publishers (BDZV) has launched an advertising campaign designed for German newspapers to solicit donations for Ukraine.

Nordic news publishers support independent journalism in war-torn Ukraine

2022-02-28. Right now people are fleeing for their lives in Europe. The war in Ukraine is killing victims, and it is often said the first victims of war are always the truth. Therefore, Bonnier News has decided to support the media and media organisations operating in Ukraine with 1 million kronor.

Ukraine Conflict – Resources for Journalists and News Organisations

2022-02-25. The conflict in Ukraine presents numerous challenges to local and international journalists and news organisations in how to cover the Russian military invasion safely and securely. A number of media support organisations are making resources freely available to help guide journalists on the ground and news editors working from outside the country.

World’s press demands Russia and Ukraine protect journalists covering conflict

2022-02-24. As the Russian military began its offensive in Ukraine overnight, WAN-IFRA and the World Editors Forum called for journalists covering the unfolding conflict to be afforded the maximum protections. 

Five Journalists Murdered in 2022: World’s Press Demands Action in Mexico

2022-02-16. The World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) and the World Editors Forum have expressed outrage at the mounting death toll of journalists in Mexico following the February 10th murder in Oaxaca state of Heber López Vázquez. Mr. López Vázquez, director of RCP Noticias online, is the fifth journalist to have been murdered in 2022.

Joint statement by the Media Freedom Coalition – Consultative Network: More must be done to defend journalists and media freedom

2022-02-10. The Media Freedom Coalition – Consultative Network, a group of 22 organizations representing civil society, press freedom and media development groups and journalists worldwide, calls on the Media Freedom Coalition to take stronger and more concrete actions to defend media freedom and the safety of journalists worldwide.

World’s Press Urges Polish President to Veto Media Bill

2021-12-21. WAN-IFRA and the World Editors Forum are alarmed at the passing of a controversial media bill in Poland, which if signed into law, will have the effect of silencing critical media.

Zimbabwe Media Freedom Committee Takes Root

2021-12-17. The Zimbabwe MFC proposes to emphasize the importance of building extensive networks and alliances while continuing capacity building, information sharing with peers, advocacy benchmarks, connecting with community newspapers and global engagement alike.