Palestinian journalists facing deadly impact of Gaza conflict.

2021-10-17. A deadly week for journalists has seen 15 colleagues killed across the region and numerous injuries, arrests, and threats reported as targeting of the press intensifies.

Free training, checklists, guides and tools to promote safe reporting as journalists’ deaths rise

2023-10-13. WAN-IFRA has condemned the mounting killings of journalists in the Israel-Hamas conflict and has urged governments and news organisations to do everything possible to allow them to do their work safely. For those heading to danger zones, or covering the story online, here is a list of resources from media support organisations.

CEO of Austria’s news agency: “The media are under pressure, as is democracy”

2023-10-13. An independent media is at the heart of a democratic society. But in more and more countries, the media are under pressure. And so is democracy, says Clemens Pig, CEO of APA. In his new book “Democracy Dies in Darkness” he describes the key role of news agencies in the fight for independent media and democracy.

Safe coverage in the Israel-Gaza conflict

2023-10-12. One element that underpins all reporting of the Israel-Gaza crisis, and applies universally to every news organisation, is how safe their journalists are and whether lessons learned from previous conflicts are being effectively applied.

WAN-IFRA condemns killing of journalists in Israel-Hamas conflict

2023-10-11. WAN-IFRA calls on both sides to respect international humanitarian law and to do everything conceivable to ensure journalists can safely do their work. This follows news reports that six Palestinian journalists were among hundreds of civilian casualties across Israel and Gaza in the last 72 hours.

Access to information must remain a fundamental right  

2023-09-15. While the immediacy and ease of available information is beyond any previous generation’s wildest imaginings, access to it is a long way from universal.

World’s Press calls for immediate release of Congolese journalist Stanis Bujakera

2023-09-13. WAN-IFRA calls for the release of well-known journalist Stanis Bujakera Tshiamala, who is being held arbitrarily in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on charges of “spreading false rumours” and “false information” in connection to a story that did not carry his byline.

#ZamoraLibre: 37 organisations unite to demand release of José Rubén Zamora

2023-07-28. The jailing of Mr. Zamora is the latest in a decades-long campaign by successive governments to silence him and his newspaper. This includes a mock execution, kidnapping, countless court actions, and near-constant financial intimidation.

Michael Miller on how NewsCorp Australia has transformed its journalism and business

2023-07-12. “What gets measured gets done, what gets measured and fed back gets done well, and what gets rewarded gets repeated.” That guiding principle, as well as doubling down on its purpose and standing up to different disruptions have helped NewsCorp Australia transform its journalism and record its best business result in over a decade, according to Executive Chairman Michael Miller.

Democracy on the frontline: why Ukraine’s independent media needs y(our) support

2023-07-10. New Ethical Journalism Network report underscores the essential need to bolster international support for independent media in war-ravaged democracy, particularly at local level.