Digital News Report 2021: The pandemic accelerated digital transformation, increased economic pressures

2021-06-23. The yearly report about news audiences’ consumption patterns and attitudes shows that even though the demand for trusted and reliable information grew during the pandemic, the news industry faces significant business challenges.

How The Washington Post uses podcasts to drive subscriptions

2021-06-23. The Washington Post’s podcasting vertical sits at the top of the company’s subscription-based strategy funnel. The brand aims to attract (and retain) new subscribers through their free podcasts and subsequently engage them with their journalism.

Join 300 newsrooms and make a case for your journalism

Journalism around science, and looking after each other, has come into its own this past year. It’s the kind of content that has strengthened the bond between newsrooms and their communities. By giving people access to trustworthy information to help them manage their lives during a time of threat, a compelling case for fact-based journalism is made. This is exactly what World News Day, on September 28, seeks to highlight.

World’s Press Condemns Arrest of Apple Daily Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-Chief Ryan Law one of five senior executives arrested in early-morning raids, while Apple Daily newsroom was searched, and materials seized.

Webinar roundup: Tips and tactics for creating successful newsletters

More and more news publishers agree that, when done right, newsletters are highly effective tools for driving subscriptions.

Social media trends in MENA in 2020

The Middle East loves social media and that’s not an exaggeration. Using a broad range of industry, academic and media sources, here is a deep dive into the trends that shaped MENA’s relationship with social media during the past year.

The Hindu’s CMS suits its story-first mantra

Digital-first, mobile-first… The Hindu’s Suresh Vijayaraghavan chooses story-first as the Indian newspaper’s approach to digital transformation, and explains how a new CMS is backing that strategy. | Sponsored Content

How Newsday integrates planning, communication into its editorial workflows

“Newsday started in 1940, and the paper has changed a lot over the years. But in all the time I’ve been there, one thing that hasn’t changed is that we’ve always had a news budget,” says Jack Millrod, of New York-based Newsday. | Sponsored Content

How BBC News Labs uses AI-powered content automation to engage young audiences

BBC News Labs is a cross-functional innovation team whose latest experimentation involves machine summarisation and the automation of image galleries and graphical stories from text.

How NDC is using robot journalism, crowdsourcing to cover 60,000 football matches

Post-Covid local sports: How NDC in The Netherlands is combining robot journalism and crowdsourcing to cover all 60,000 regional football matches. | Sponsored Content