New business model with a coldset/heatset press

Jan Andersson, CEO of MittMedia Print AB in Sweden, reported during a Media Port Power of Print session on Tuesday afternoon about his company which in 2009 became aware that they needed a new press, knowing that the coldset market in Sweden is very limited and there were already overcapacities. The solution appeared to be a press that could print more than just newspapers.

by WAN-IFRA Staff | October 8, 2013

“We concluded that the only press that could meet the demand to switch between coldset and offset was the KBA Cortina,” Andersson said. Favourable factors were the tabloid format (less paper waste for smaller format products), quick job changes, one ink for coldset and heatset, high print quality.

“We started from zero and built a new business in the commercial printing sector where we also compete with sheet-fed presses. When newspaper circulations go down, we can fill the capacity with other products,” he said.

Media Port Power of Print continues on Wednesday, click here to see the full programme.

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