Funke Mediengruppe’s Dr. Klemens Berktold: ‘Programmatic printing, clever distribution is key to take newspaper to the next level’

2023-02-01. Dr. Klemens Berktold, managing director at Funke Mediengruppe Print Division tells WAN-IFRA about technology adoption, growth potential and challenges in the printing industry.

Dr. Klemens Berktold, managing director at Funke Mediengruppe Print Division

by Aultrin Vijay | January 31, 2023

WAN-IFRA: Can you tell our readers about how long you have been in the industry?

Dr. Klemens Berktold: I have been working in the printing industry since 1998. After holding various positions at Gruner + Jahr and Prinovis, I have been responsible for the print business at Funke Mediengruppe since 2011.

How has your company tackled the paper challenges?

We use paper sparingly. We pay attention to waste, reduce the grammage where possible, and limit the circumference here and there. I think other houses do the same.

What are the main challenges in distribution?

For the printed newspaper, the logistics costs per copy have continued to rise over the years. This is due to the development of minimum wages as well as household coverage (share of households with a subscription to the daily newspaper). At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain the necessary continuity of logistic staff in the last mile. As if that were not enough, fuel costs have also risen. So, there are more than enough challenges in distribution.

How is your company attracting new talents?

Funke uses a variety of channels, such as social media, online job exchanges, podcasts, or our own career pages, to reach new talents. Cleverly networked, the various portals and platforms result in a high-reach presence. Funke also offers young people the opportunity to actively shape the media world of tomorrow and to accompany an exciting transformation process. In addition, Funke a...

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