01 February 2023 - 31 March 2023

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Dmitry Shishkin

Independent digital consultant, C-level advisor, Trustee at YungMash Collective, UK

Dmitry Shishkin is an expert in digital transformation, content strategy, and innovation in publishing; he’s been consulting media and tech companies on how to do digital better, since late 2020. Prior to that, he was Chief Content Officer at Culture Trip, a content-first travel tech startup. Before that, he worked for 21 years at the BBC News in London where he was responsible for developing and implementing the BBC’s digital editorial offer for 41 non-English foreign language news services. Dmitry’s main area of expertise is on the intersection between Editorial, Organisational, Strategy, Data and Product disciplines.

Penny Riordan

Director, Business Strategy and Partnerships, Local Media Association, United States

Penny Riordan is the Director of Business Strategy and Partnerships for Local Media Association. She runs the LMA Digital Club, including two web conferences per month where members collaborate with industry peers on important digital revenue, product, audience and content topics. Penny also supports the work of the Oklahoma Media Center and LMA’s new initiative on locals news startups with the Tributary in Jacksonville, FL.

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Diego Carvajal

CEO gig Company

Crecimiento y transformación digital, con historial comprobado en incrementos tangibles de audiencia y monetización, tanto en América Latina -De México a Brasil-: Discovery Kids, Lasestrellas.tv para Televisa, todas las propiedades de Caracol Next y todas las propiedades de El Tiempo Casa Editorial, como como el mercado hispano en Estados Unidos: Univision, Uforia, Discovery…Excelente red de contactos en medios hispanoamericanos en ambas geografías.

Noemí Ramírez

Director of Product and Digital Development at UNIR, Spain

Noemí Ramírez is Director of Product and Digital Development at UNIR, the leading digital university in Spanish-speaking markets.
She has an extensive track record of more than 20 years of management experience in the media sector, where she has specialized in leading, executing and converging.

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Paolo Miscia

Founder & CEO, Vertimedios, Colombia

Paolo has worked at the intersection of media, marketing, technology and audience research for nearly 30 years. As an executive, he has lived through FTA television, cable and audience measurement. As an entrepreneur, print, digital media and performance marketing. Today he builds a bridge between Latin America and the metaverse, starting with people (he is the director of expedia, the first study of the Latin American consumer towards the metaverse) and business models (he explores new monetization opportunities in the web3 environment). Among his experiences are Mobile Internet Applications Nokia in Europe, Discovery’s research in Latin America, Kantar Media’s global analytics responsibility from London, Caracol Televisión’s marketing and IBOPE’s measurements in the Southern Cone. He is Italian, born in Argentina, to a Brazilian mother; married to a Colombian and father of two daughters with multiple passports.

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Natalia Leal

CEO, Lupa, Brazil

Journalist, specialized in Human Resources and Business Management, Natália Leal is the CEO at Lupa, the main Brazilian digital platform who tackles mis/disinformation using journalism and education. In 2021, Natália was chosen by the ICFJ to receive the Knight Award for Journalism for her work in combating misinformation. She also led the team that won the main digital journalism awards for the work on “No Epicentro”, a platform to raise awareness about the impact of Covid-19 in Brazil. With a career spanning over 15 years, she has already worked as editor and content director at Lupa, besides having worked as reporter, editor and chief reporter at other Brazilian vehicles.

Gabriel Richaud

General Director, IAB, Mexico

Gabriel Richaud has over 28 years of experience in Marketing, Sales, Strategic Alliances and Digital Business.

He is currently General Director of IAB Mexico (Interactive Advertising Bureau), an international non-profit association that brings together the leading companies in Digital Advertising and Interactive Marketing. Previously he was Director of New Business & Digital at Sony Music Entertainment Mexico.

Gabriel Richaud has been a professor of Advertising, Integral Marketing Communication and Digital Marketing for the last 18 years at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Mexico City and Santa Fe, as well as in the Master’s programs of the Graduate School (EGADE) and the Business School of Universidad Panamericana.

As a speaker he has participated in various forums and international events in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile and the United States; he received in 2009 in Rome, Italy the “International Entrepreneurship” Award granted by SONY BMG to executives who innovate in the transformation of the Entertainment Industry and was recognized in 2011 as a Fast Forward Executive at Sony Music to participate in the first international leadership program in London, England.

Carmen Riera

Director, SDI Consulting and COO, Runrun.es, Venezuela

She holds a Degree in Social Communication and is an expert in Development, control and project management. Currently, Carmen Riera is Director of projects and innovation at Runrun.es and member of the Editorial Board of TalCualdigital.com.

Strategic advisor for Sembramedia in the Amuna Digital project for independent digital media in Argentina.

Advisor in Sembramedia’s Metis program in 2020 and 2021 for women media leaders in Latin America.

Ambassador for Chicas Poderosas Venezuela 2020-2022.

Management and planning coordinator Monitor de Víctimas, a homicide observatory in Caracas. Lara, Zulia, Sucre and Táchira.

Creator and Coordinator of the Seminar on Information Design (SDI) 2007-2013.

She has been speaker and Jury in journalistic design awards SND (2007), ÑH (2016) and Digital Media LATAM of WAN-IFRA (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022).

Ezequiel Arbusti

Associate consultant, WAN-IFRA, Mexico

Ezequiel Arbusti is a specialist in online audience development, planning and creation of digital content for websites and Social Media for media and brands. He is a web optimizer (SEO) and content manager (CMS), with a focus on entertainment. He has helped several digital media, such as TKM and Terra, to grow their operations in Latin America. Mr. Arbusti holds a degree in Industrial Engineering, a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance. He is currently an associate consultant for WAN-IFRA and a trainer on Digital Media issues.

Liliana Elóstegui

Editor-in-chief and co-founder of Verificado MX

Editor-in-chief and co-founder of Verificado MX, the first communication outlet in Mexico dedicated to verifying data and combating disinformation. Strategic consultant on issues such as journalism with a focus on human rights, freedom of expression, sustainability, social networks and audiences. She is the coordinator of the Northeast Journalists Network, which brings together more than 300 journalists from the region.

Rodrigo Cerón

Senior Director of APAC, EMEA, and LATAM Marketing at Comscore

Rodrigo Ceron is Senior Director of APAC, EMEA, and LATAM Marketing at Comscore and has more than 18 years of experience leading marketing initiatives in the digital, technology, telecommunications, media, and entertainment industries. In 2015 he served as Vice President of Advertising and Marketing of the MX Internet Association where he led the creation of the book “Elements of Digital Marketing “. Rodrigo is an engineer from ITAM, has a specialty in Digital Marketing and Social Networks from the Universidad Iberoamericana, and is currently studying for a Ph.D. in Communication and Strategic Marketing from the Universidad Anahuac.

Juan Pablo Ferro

Professor, researcher and Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Journalism, Universidad del Norte, Colombia

Journalist with a BA in Philosophy and Literature in Los Andes University (Bogotá), MA
in Science and Journalism from Boston University, and PHD in Education and Society
(from Barcelona University) focus on evaluation and uses of digital technology. For more
than forty years he has worked in Journalism and he has been teacher on that field in
several universities. In the prestigious colombian newspaper El Espectador he worked in
the newsroom as reporter, correspondent, editor, columnist and chief of information, he
interacted with the advertising and marketing departments and dealt with business

He also managed the renovation of the paper in its 100 year celebration. He was
an scholarship in advanced studies and media administration, and he won the Premio
Simón Bolívar de Periodismo as part of a team of reporters. Advisor in strategic communication for more tan 15 years actually Juan works as researcher and professor at Universidad del Norte, in Barranquilla, Colombia where he also coordinates de Master in Journalism program.

Beatriz Hernández Vega

Executive Director, IAB, Peru

Beatriz has been a founding member of the IAB Peru and Board of Directors since its inception. since its beginnings. Vice-President in two periods (2009-2010) and (2015-2018). Since 2019 she is part of the staff as General Director. Current Member of the Advisory Advisory Committee of the Master in Marketing and Business Management of the UTP Graduate School and of the UTP Graduate School and the Effie Awards in Peru.
She is a publicist by the Peruvian Institute of Advertising, educator by the University of Los Angeles, 23 years of experience in marketing. Los Angeles University, 23 years of experience in digital advertising having worked in companies such as worked in companies such as: I Latin Holdings, Grupo El Comercio, Grupo RPP, and Media Networks-Telefon. RPP, and Media Networks-Telefónica. Winner of the Women Marketeer Peru in the Digital Digital category and ANDA Awards.

Marisol Cano

Dean, Faculty of Communication and Language of the Universidad Javeriana, Spain

D. in Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. Master in Advanced Studies in Communication from the same university and Social Communicator from the Javeriana University. Javeriana University. She has been director of the Magazín Dominical of El Espectador, director of the Media the Media Unit of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and consultant on freedom of expression issues. freedom of expression. She has been awarded the Simón Bolívar National Journalism Prize on three and Medal for Artistic and Cultural Merit to outstanding Women in Art and Culture.

Author of the book “Violence against journalists. Configuration of the phenomenon, methodologies and intervention mechanisms of international organizations for the defense of freedom of expression”. Co-author of “Cultural Journalism”, “Memoria Impresa”, “Juego Limpio”, “Medios y Nación: Historia de los medios de Nación: Historia de los medios de comunicación en Colombia”, “Comunicarnos sin daño: Convivencia y salud mental”, and editor of the book “Tinta indeleble. Guillermo Cano: life and work”.

She is a university professor of journalistic ethics, cultural journalism, science journalism and journalistic research. journalism and investigative journalism. She is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Language at the Universidad Javeriana.

Georgina Ferri

Business Managing Director, Diari ARA, España

Analí Díaz Infante Vázquez

President, Asociación de Internet MX, Mexico

She has a degree in Communication Sciences with a major in Marketing and Advertising. In 2005 she began her career in the digital industry.

In 2012 she became a Founding Partner of Diggitalera Marketing with the aim of serving a market of companies in need of
market of companies with a need to invest in electronic media and consolidate a digital strategy that would allow them to publicize their offerings.

Teacher in several universities, teaching subjects such as: Media Strategy, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Media Planning, among others. She is part of the sixth generation of Mexican entrepreneurs “Victoria 147” with whom she has taught training courses to SMEs and with whom she has been a panelist and speaker in various editions of the week of the entrepreneur.

At the beginning of 2017 she was elected to be part of the board of directors of IAB Mexico, she has also participated as a jury member of the IAB MIXX Awards, Monsters of Marketing, Effies, AMAPRO awards and AMCO 2022 awards.

She has participated as a speaker in important events, conferences and forums on Digital Marketing and entrepreneurship. She was vice-president of the marketing and advertising committee at Asociación de Internet MX, coordinated the liaison table with Medical Associations at Asociación Healthtech Mexico and has collaborated in the group “Asociación de Internet MX”.
Mexico and has collaborated in the inter-association group. She has worked on the regulation of the “Law for Transparency, Prevention and Fight against Undue Practices in Advertising Contracting” and in the preparation of the “White Book for Content Creators”.

She is currently president of the Association of Internet MX and during her mandate she signed with the Chamber of Deputies and Senators the “National Pact for the Cybersecurity of Children and Adolescents” and has strongly promoted gender equity in the digital ecosystem.

She is currently recognized as one of the female opinion leaders in the digital and technology industry in our country.

Leandro Vázquez

Founder of Iffective, Colombia

Founder of Iffective, a consulting firm specializing in integrated marketing communications. With more than 25 years of experience in creating innovative solutions for renowned organizations in Iberoamerica and US Hispanic, he has a solid knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in marketing, which allows him to develop effective strategies tailored to the needs of each company. His expertise extends across all aspects of communication, including branding, advertising, public relations, digital marketing and content strategies.

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Daniela Bermúdez

Digital Manager Americas



Mexico City