24 - 25 October 2023

Newsroom Summit 2023

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Workshop Day (23 October) and Newsroom Summit 2023 (24 & 25 October)

October 23 Monday


User Needs model for newsrooms

Expert Dmitry Shishkin will kick of the day with a session on the User Needs model for newsrooms- one of the hottest topics in newsrooms around the world. The idea behind ‘User Needs’ is that readers consume news for many reasons beyond simply staying informed. Newsrooms need to examine closely at their editorial strategies and evaluate how their current editorial output aligns with that which their readers consume. Dmitry will explain this model so relevant for publishers looking to maximise their resources, and how to adapt it to their own newsroom.

“User needs-centric strategy is the first step to creating more impactful content, that generates higher engagement and a stronger connection to your readers“, Shishkin says. In the workshop, he will introduce you to the ideas behind model 2.0 and show you how to implement it in the newsroom.

Independent digital consultant, C-level advisor, Trustee at YungMash Collective, UK / Member of WAN-IFRA Expert Panel

Driving digital growth through newsroom transformation

FT Strategies, the consultancy from the Financial Times, works with news organisations globally to build valuable relationships with their customers and grow their businesses. A key component of this is newsroom transformation and in this session, FT Strategies will share the methodologies, learnings and success stories from their work in this area, along with insights on how the Financial Times’ newsroom is evolving.

FT Strategies is the digital growth consultancy from the Financial Times. Staffed by the experts who successfully transformed the FT’s business model in the face of disruption, FT Strategies work with organisations worldwide, from a wide range of sectors, helping them increase recurring revenue, monetise audiences, grow subscriptions, build engagement, transform digitally, and thrive in the digital economy. www.ftstrategies.com
Director, FT Strategies, UK
Principal, FT Strategies, UK

Table Stakes Europe: Performance-driven change

Performance driven change: how to talk about it in a way that inspires optimism and interest.

In this session, WAN-IFRA Expert, Lyndsey Jones, will introduce you to the Table Stakes methodology of performance-driven change. WAN-IFRA’s Table Stake Europe program, in partnership with Google News Initiative, is in its fourth year and more than 80 teams have participated. In the workshop, Lyndsey will explain the basic idea of Table Stakes, show several tools that are used in the program and ask the participants to build a first challenge statement they could use in their companies.

“To define a razor sharp goal by setting up a challenge statement is a
crucial step for a successful change strategy,” Lyndsey says: “We will show how to do it effectively and how to get going in the process.” If you are interested in becoming a participant of Table Stakes Europe in 2024, the workshop provides a perfect opportunity to get an impression of the program. Join us and find out why Table Stakes Europe brings success to so many publishers.

Strategic advisor and author, UK / Member of WAN-IFRA Expert Panel
Director Digital Revenue Network WAN-IFRA

October 24 Tuesday


Registration and morning coffee


Winning strategies across Schibsted's newsrooms

An insight into Schibsted News Media: the leading media group in Scandinavia. Siv Juvik Tveitnes will share the group’s current strategies in the areas of leadership and communication across their newsrooms, and how the investment in quality journalism and technology is driving Schibsted and its brands to greater heights.

Executive Vice President, Schibsted News Media, Norway

Transformation from print legacy to digital at Politiken

In the past months, Politiken has made big changes to the way they produce content digital-first, and how this process also has brought changes in the way they organise and produce print. These changes have yielded a reorganisation in their newsroom, engaging more visual power and digital power into the heart of the newsroom. We will hear about this journey as well as learn about current steps taken in the development of their climate journalism.

Managing Editor in Chief, Politiken, Denmark

Coffee break


‘Next Generation Board’ at the Financial Times

The “Next Generation Board” is a global and diverse team, drawn from all areas of the business, that aims to provide a fresh perspective on company strategy and develop new ideas to help make the FT an even better place to work. Hannah will present on the success of this initiative and how it has helped to create a space for open conversation, feedback and collaboration.

Head of Audience Engagement, Executive Editor, Financial Times, UK

Adapting your content in digital media in times of war

CEO, Association of Independent Regional Press Publishers of Ukraine, Ukraine

Mastering the Front Page: How VG.no Aligns Business Strategy and Analytics for Optimal Engagement

In this presentation, the front page editor of VG.no, Norway’s largest news website, will delve into the strategic alignment of their business model and analytics tools that drives their front page’s success. Navigating the delicate balance between news integrity, reader engagement, and revenue generation, VG.no has crafted a unique, data-driven approach. Discover how they use real-time analytics to make informed decisions about content mix and placement. This behind-the-scenes look will provide invaluable insights for publishers aiming to maximize impact while staying true to their mission.

Frontpage editor, VG, Norway



Breakout Discussions

Participants will join moderator-led small group discussions to raise their own challenges and experiences within their newsrooms.


Audiences-first journalism, case studies from Table Stakes Europe

A selection of case studies will be presented from the Table Stakes programme conceived primarily for local and regional news organisations to help drive digital revenue growth by re-focusing on audienceS.

A panel discussion on the Audience-first approach to better engage with your readers will follow.

Project Leader, NWT Media, Sweden
Head of Editorial Development, NWT Media, Sweden

Audiences-first approach to better engage with your readers: Panel discussion

Digital Editor, Les Echos, France
Head of Digital Desk, Rheinische Post (RP), Germany
Deputy Editor, El Periódico, Spain

Get-together social networking event

October 25 Wednesday


Registration and networking coffee


Generative AI and AI Management in the newsroom of Ippen Digital

Headlines, summarizations, Images – how Ippen Digital introduced AI tools in the newsroom and how their journalists use it. Markus Knall will share Ippen Digital’s AI strategy and key findings, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for editorial managers as well as editors.

Chief Editor and Director Content, Ippen Digital, Germany

Engaging future audiences: IN/LABs approach to news inclusion

Schibsted and Tinius Trust established IN/LAB to reach those groups in society who are not consuming fact-based journalism, “news outsiders”. Their goal is to establish a trustful and constructive dialogue with groups they do not reach today and genuinely listen to their perspectives and understand them better. Belenn will present how IN/LAB is working to explore more inclusive news experiences, and how they try new approaches (both in research and in product experimentation) to reach new groups and engage with divergent perspectives – not to legitimize, but to understand.

Community Researcher, IN/LAB, Schibsted, Sweden

Driving engagement using automated content at a Norwegian regional 

Polaris Media has been very strategic in how they deploy automatic content. Gunn Kari will share her experience with working with this automated content at  Fosna-Folket and show us how it can support local journalism.

Editor in Chief, Fosna-Folket, Norway

Coffee break


Transforming Your Newsroom with AI and Automation

AI and automation are here to stay – Uli Köppen offers a peek beyond the hype. She talks about how AI and automation can support your mission as a media organization, help to form sustainable workflows, and drive technological and cultural change.

Head of AI + Automation Lab and Co-Lead of BR Data, German Public Broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), Germany

Elevate the Narrative: How Photos Transform Storytelling

Immerse yourself on a visual adventure with photographer and explorer Mats Grimsæth. Through a showcase of his work and accompanying backstories, Mats will take you on a journey where each photograph becomes a narrative in itself. Discover the art of using images to convey emotions, experiences, and messages, and learn how photography can elevate storytelling to new heights. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a content creator, a journalist or simply curious about unlocking the power of imagery, this session will inspire you to see the world through a different lens.

Photographer and Explorer, Norway

Sustainability, innovation and impact of digital native independent media: Project Oasis Europe 

Project Oasis Europe is a year-long research project whose goal is to bring greater visibility to digital native media organisations, and to uncover new insights about the trends, opportunities, and challenges in this growing market sector. The presentation will highlight its main findings and will showcase inspiring case studies from the media mapped, specifically for what concerns some of the topics that shape NRS23 such as digital revenue strategies, audience engagement and collaboration.

Regional research manager- Southern Europe, Project Oasis Europe, Spain



Insights from Amedia on how to use data to better connect with new readers

Eivor will share how they use userdata as the foundation for the editorial strategy at Amedia all the way out to the choices editors and journalists work every day to engage present and new readers. She will also present on how they use the same data in prioritizing product development to help and support the newsrooms achieve their goals.

Editorial Product Director, Amedia, Norway

How we work with employee development programmes at Oppland Arbeiderblad’s newsroom

Erik Sønstelie will share with us the continuous improvement philosophy they have succesful implemented in their regional title, Oppland Arbeiderblad (OA) and highlight the main components of their development plan established for all employees which follows new trends and knowledge sharing. We will hear about their 1-1 monthly coaching that is reaping great benefits for all teams across the organisation.

Editor in Chief and CEO, Oppland Arbeiderblad A/S, Norway

Coffee and Breakout Discussions

Participants will join moderator-led small group discussions to raise their own challenges and experiences within their newsrooms


Wrap up and end of NRS23

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