Global media to Facebook: News content is NOT political advertising

Seven media organizations representing a total of 20,000-plus media publishers and professionals in more than 120 countries around the world are jointly protesting Facebook’s new advertising policy, which labels quality news as political advocacy and includes such content in its archive of political advertising.

Top German court rules ad blocking legal, rejecting Axel Springer’s claim

Germany’s highest civil court has ruled that the online ad blocker AdBlock Plus does not violate competition laws.

Year of reckoning looms for Canada’s newspapers

A critical year looms ahead for Canada’s beleaguered newspaper industry, writes guest poster Marc Edge, a Canadian professor of mass media and author.

2nd November, International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists

“… a unique occasion to reflect upon the tremendous consequences that impunity for attacks against journalists has all around the world.”

The news diet should be nutritious, balanced and real

Is your news diet making you unhealthy? David Chavern, President & CEO of the US-based News Media Alliance, asked readers this question as his organisation launched a new phase of its #SupportRealNews campaign.

Trusted Sources Campaign to fight proliferation of Fake News

Publishers worldwide can get behind a US-led campaign to raise awareness of the importance of real news produced by trusted news organizations employing high-quality, investigative journalists. Follow the campaign on Twitter at #SupportRealNews.

Döpfner demands fair, equal treatment for press outlets

Dr. Mathias Döpfner, President of the German Newspaper Publishers Association (BDZV) and CEO of Axel Springer SE, said news publications must be treated fairly by Google and other dominant digital platforms. The same applies to German and European governmental authorities, he said. He was speaking at the association’s Newspaper Congress 2017, held recently in Stuttgart.

New WAN-IFRA report: ‘Reality check – making money with Facebook’

This new report published by WAN-IFRA today, challenges news publishers to not only rethink their revenue and relationship strategies with Facebook but also that of all platforms. Nick Tjaardstra, WAN-IFRA Global Advisory Director, is part of a working group focused on platform strategies, and contributed this for the report.

‘Deep pockets not the answer’ – Jeff Bezos

“Independence, not deep pockets, is the solution for the newspaper business,” and “You cannot shrink your way into relevance.” Those two quotes from Jeff Bezos, owner of The Washington Post, summarise the main message delivered by the impressive lineup of speakers at La Stampa’s event on the future of newspapers last week

World Press Trends 2017: The audience-focused era arrives

The results of WAN-IFRA’s annual survey depict an industry that is increasingly building loyal audiences around its high-quality journalism, as the shift to reader-based revenue continues.