A Pact Against Disinformation

2023-01-10. The attack against Brazilian democracy that the world witnessed on Sunday, 8 January, when a horde of fanatics invaded and plundered the headquarters of the three powers in Brasília was not an event sprouted by spontaneous generation. The thousands of rioters who marched into the heart of Brazilian democracy with the intention of strangling it represent the tip of a phenomenon of global extension that threatens the very stability of the planet, writes Marcelo Rech.

Canada law worth over $300m/year for news businesses set to pass in spring 2023

2022-12-24. The law is arguably the most anticipated news in media policy this year. The Parliamentary Budget Officer expects that news businesses will receive from deals under the bill “a total compensation of $329.2 million per annum”. Find here a round-up of the highlights of the Law.

NewsArcade – how to entice young readers through news games

2022-12-24. WAN-IFRA and European partners are launching NewsArcade, a project that aims at tackling the challenge of the legitimacy of traditional media among youth and improve news literacy by closely bringing together journalism and news consumption through gamification.

Journalism Competition and Preservation Act released amid global support

The JCPA provides temporary safe harbor from US antitrust laws, enabling local digital news outlets and TV and radio broadcasters to jointly negotiate with the largest online platforms for remuneration of their online content.

The Russia-Ukraine misinformation war and the role of advertising

In recent Media Policy Briefings with member Associations, WAN-IFRA was able to explore with Newsguard their findings on the spread of false narratives about Ukraine and its allies, and how business is one of the reasons for the overwhelming success of disinformation on the Internet.

Reporting the climate crisis effectively: What journalists need to keep in mind

2021-12-20. COP26 was one one of the hottest topics of 2021 grabbing global news headlines. As the debates around climate change continue to rage, how journalists report on the climate crisis and how newsrooms approach the subject has become more important than ever.

World’s press, book publishers and journalists condemn Pakistan plan for strict control over media

2021-10-06. WAN-IFRA, the International Publishers Association (IPA), and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) call on Pakistani authorities to retract plans to establish the ‘Pakistan Media Development Authority’ (PMDA) that risks placing strict state control over all media.

Australia’s code: who won in the end?

The News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code became law in Australia on 2 March. Was there a winner? 

What exactly is section 230, and the position of News Media

How “the twenty-six words that created the Internet” are impacting on the news media business. It all started from the Wolf of Wall Street.

Big tech Congressional hearing paves way for reform of liability shield

On 25 March, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai returned (virtually) to the Hill to testify before Congress’ Energy and Commerce Committee about the handling of fake news on their platforms. After more than 6 hours and 40 minutes of questioning, lawmakers seemed to agree that it is time for regulation.