World Newspaper Congress 2013 in pictures – World Advertising Forum, 3 to 5 June

The 23rd World Advertising Forum was held in Bangkok, from 3 to 5 June 2013. The photo set features the speakers and highlights of the sessions.

World Newspaper Congress 2013 in pictures – The Congress, 3 to 5 June

The 65th World Newspaper Congress photo set featuring all speakers and more.

Washington Post gives brands voice on issues

The Washington Post has announced “Sponsored Views,” an extension of its native advertisement program that will allow brands to publicly comment on editorials and op-ed pieces.

Guardian wins U.S. readers, looks global

The Guardian’s leadership in the National Security Agency leaks coverage may have put it on the map in the United States, but the newspaper is positioned to take the globe.

Why nonprofit news startups fail

Journalists with resumes chock-full of awards and portfolios overflowing with investigative reporting can kill nonprofit news startups, a recently-released Pew Research Center study suggests.

UK magazine snags Chinese readers with dual-language issue

Tablet/mobile-published wine and lifestyle magazine By the Bottle is attempting to gain traction in China by launching a dual-language issue, with English text translated upon rotation.

Turin, Italy, to Host World Newspaper Congress in 2014

The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), today invited the world’s press to attend the 66th World Newspaper Congress and 21st World Editors Forum, to be held in Turin, Italy, from 9 to 11 June 2014.

Who wants yesterday’s papers? Troc de presse bets lots of people do

In a world in which social exchanges are increasingly carried out online, via the impersonal channels of “social” media sites, the launch of website seems like a rather outdated venture. That’s because it focuses on developing face-to-face social links between individuals by encouraging them to exchange their copies of newspapers and magazines with one another.

Unpaid internship debate divides journalism community

Internships have become a de facto prerequisite to most journalism careers, and more internships than ever are unpaid, with some estimates putting half in that category. In light of several recent lawsuits against employers of unpaid interns, many argue that unpaid internships may be crippling the journalism industry, while others assert that they are an irreplaceable learning opportunity.

Jeff Jarvis: We should be in the relationship business

Digital-first is a transitional strategy, said Jeff Jarvis, Director of the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the City University of New York. Once you’re digital, what then? “I have thought about this a lot and tried to figure out what it is,” he said.