Hans Müller, founder of Müller Martini, dies

Hans Müller, founder of the Müller Martini Group, has died at the age of 96 in Zofingen, Switzerland. Müller is credited as having pioneered machine construction for the graphic arts industry and helped shape the industry over decades.

Le Monde appoints first female editor-in-chief, Natalie Nougayrède

Le Monde has appointed its first female editor-in-chief, Natalie Nougayrède, the paper announced. She was selected by Le Monde’s three main shareholders – Pierre Bergé, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse – on February 13 and their choice was validated by the paper’s general assembly of editors on March 1.

A ‘terrible loss for Post readers’: Is journalism compromised without ombudsmen?

The Washington Post announced their elimination of an ombudsman position following the expiration of former ombudsman Patrick Pexton’s contract Friday. The paper will instead elect a “reader representative” that will not have the same independence as former ombudsmen.

Use video creatively to engage your audience

Last Friday we caught up with two very different experts on news video & TV content and engagement. Naturally we filmed our interviews.

It’s not funny: “Said to Lady Journos” depicts sexist reality for female reporters

Tumblr sensation “Said to Lady Journos,” which showcases offensive quotes directed at female reporters, may provide a laugh, but its underlying message is anything but funny.

Frankfurter Rundschau: sold to FAZ, printing plant to close

One year before its 50th anniversary, the printing plant in Neu-Isenburg is facing closure. The closure is a consequence of the filing for insolvency of the Frankfurter Rundschau (FR) in November 2012.

Maybe anyone can be a journalist, but news organisations can distinguish themselves through credibility

The fact that new technology has equipped the masses with the necessary tools to practice journalism is something traditional media can’t ignore, panelists at UNESCO’s WSIS+10 review meeting agreed during a discussion of traditional media’s role in the new media landscape yesterday.

High ethical standards and high editorial quality are crucial to the future of news

The financial difficulties that media are facing are a concern for democratic society as a whole, said panelists discussing the role of the traditional media in the new media landscape at the WSIS+1 Review Meeting at UNESCO yesterday. “We are witnessing a serious contraction in the news industry’s ability to deliver in its important role of scrutinizing those in power,” said Aidan White, Director of the Ethical Journalism Network, with less money invested in investigative journalism, for example.

New evidence suggests BBC officials knew Savile’s “darker side”

Boston Globe up for sale as it focuses on digital strategy

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