Special address by Thailand’s Prime Minister

Thailand Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra opened Tuesday’s Congress encouraging the nearly 1600 media executives to dutifully fulfill their role as watchdogs but to do so responsibly.

A man for his country, a media for a nation

After 50 years of military rule, Myanmar is now undergoing an exceptional period of transition. The generals who seized power in a 1962 coup d’état kept a tight grip on power, crushing dissent, denying opposition and closing the country off from the world. Dramatically, over the past two years the army has stepped back to allow for a transition to civilian government, with elections scheduled for 2015 hopefully signalling a return to genuine democracy.

Myanmar publisher awarded 2013 Golden Pen of Freedom

In accepting the award, Than Htut Aung cited changes in his country, but the struggle for press freedom and democracy continues.

World Newspaper Congress opens with call for press freedom

Jacob Mathew, President of WAN-IFRA, opened the 65th World Newspaper Congress, 20th Word Editors Forum and 23rd World Advertising Forum by praising media liberalisation in Myanmar and by calling for greater press freedom in Thailand.

Video: UNESCO on Safety of Journalists

In this video, Etienne Clément, Deputy Director UNESCO Bangkok, explains the role of UNESCO in the drive for press freedom.

New challenges, familiar threats

The 2013 Press Freedom Roundtable

Is press freedom a reality or just naïve idealism? This was the opening statement from the 2013 Press Freedom Roundtable, where experts from four continents gathered before a packed room to air their views on the critical issues facing freedom of expression worldwide.

Press Freedom Takes Centre Stage at WAN-IFRA Board

The Board of WAN-IFRA has issued press freedom resolutions concerning the United Kingdom, China, Myanmar, Africa, and Argentina.

Journalists in Myanmar Finally Get Their Awards

Thirteen years after being named as Golden Pen of Freedom laureates, Myanmar journalists San San Nweh and U Win Tin finally get their awards.

Newsroom safety in Mexico: reporting on violence while seeking to avoid retribution

Javier Garza Ramos is deputy editorial director of El Siglo de Torreón and is newsroom safety advisor to the World Editors Forum. As he explains below, his paper suffers from frequent attacks on its premises and its journalists are under constant threat of kidnapping.

He will speak at the World Editors Forum in Bangkok next week on newsroom protocols to protect staff.

Justice Department target Fox News reporter in North Korea leak case

Just a week after the AP/Department of Justice affair, the White House has become involved in a second potential scandal involving the alleged surveillance of Fox News journalist, James Rosen, as part of an inquest into a leak of classified information regarding North Korean nuclear test plans in 2009.