09 - 10 October 2023

LATAM Media Leaders Summit 2023

Media Renaissance: Shaping the future of news publishing

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October 9 Monday


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Meet & Greet Breakfast

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Join us for a networking breakfast at the Sky 15 Rooftop at the Hilton Hotel.

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Director of Iberoamerica, WAN-IFRA, Colombia
Chief Editorial Officer, Organización Editorial Mexicana, Mexico

Total Enterprise Reinvention

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Total enterprise reinvention is a deliberate strategy to set a new performance frontier for companies and, in most cases, for the industries in which they operate. Centered on a strong digital core, it helps drive growth and streamline operations. To ensure you remain competitive, you must strive to become an “operations reinventor”, continually optimizing your business models to meet evolving market needs. By doing so, you will establish a new frontier of performance for your business: better financial results, the ability to achieve perpetual ground-breaking innovation, greater resilience to disruption, and a greater ability to create value for all stakeholders. While this reinvention strategy starts with building a strong digital core, it is much more than technology.

Total Enterprise reinvention: Leveraging technology

AI and 5G are redefining what companies can achieve. How can media leaders leverage these technological advances and use them as tools to propel their companies forward?

CEO Telefónica Hispam, Colombia

Total enterprise reinvention - Organization, Leadership and cultural change.

In recent years PRISA MEDIA and PRISA MEDIA AMERICA have undergone a major transformation, investing in a structure centred on a digital core and new ways of working that establish a culture and capacity for continuous reinvention to make the operation more agile and efficient. This session will show the journey of Caracol Radio as a 75-year-old iconic radio station and EL PAIS America from this perspective.

CEO, Prisa Media America & President, Caracol Radio, Colombia
Independent consultant on strategy, leadership digital transformation and innovation, Colombia


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Managing a news company in times of constant change

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Google News Initiative updates in Colombia and Latin America

News Industry Relations Manager, Spanish-Speaking Latin America, Google

Managing a news company in times of constant change: a conversation with David Matoses, CEO of El Tiempo

CEO, Casa Editorial El Tiempo, Colombia
Strategic Partnerships Lead, Google, México

Fostering a culture of innovation for a sustainable future

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Innovation needs to be a cornerstone of organisational culture, embedded in talent management strategies. Innovation leaders stand out by their ability to incorporate innovation in and beyond the core operation. They cultivate a robust culture within operations, the value chain and customer experiences, driving innovation through novel products, services, and business ventures.

While examples vary, these leaders consistently reap substantial financial and nonfinancial rewards. They do so by embracing a well-rounded approach to come up with new ideas. Today’s top leaders treat innovation as a key part of their overall strategy. This mindset helps things move forward, even when things are uncertain because they create a foundation for continuous growth.

In this session, we look at how to create a culture of innovation, by examining forward-thinking companies which nurture creativity, inspire groundbreaking ideas, and drive meaningful change.

Fundador y CEO, Numerik, Brazil
President, Grupo El Colombiano, Colombia
Director, Cuestión Pública, Colombia
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A new paradigm for media funding

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Media plurality gives a voice to minorities, free-thinkers, and marginalised groups. It expresses their concerns and defends their rights. The time has come to explore new mixed models of capital that invest in the free flow of quality, independent media, a critical part of ‘democracy’s information infrastructure’.

This session will share the lessons learned of a concrete, functioning initiative to provide access to a plural capital to independent media by blending capital from European foundations, news media companies and social investors.

Principal Investment Officer, MDIF LATAM, Colombia

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Artificial Intelligence in Media: Culture and Integration

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AI is already proving to be a game-changer in the media industry. Companies that successfully incorporate AI into their innovation efforts tend to have a strong digital backbone. Investing in multiple technology initiatives leads to maintaining a robust innovation funnel.

CEO and Founder of García Media, USA
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AI Foresight and Generative AI: publishing, international governance, ethics, bias, and politics.

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As algorithms become more advanced and accessible, it is increasingly tempting for publishers of all creative industries to resort to GAI to reduce costs – particularly for first drafts. This is problematic from the point of view of the livelihood of content creators, as the strike by Hollywood writers shows. On the other hand, more efficient GAI means easier access to the generation of convincing fabricated content, aimed at spreading misinformation. Another matter of concern is that GAI is generally trained using copyrighted content.

In recent months, coalitions of actors in the publishing business and media policy experts have come together to negotiate guidelines to ensure all players adopt a cautious and reasoned approach regarding the use of GAI in defence of information integrity.

This session will explore these and other GAI initiatives, and how policymakers, regulators, and actors of the publishing business can seize its positive potential while preserving social fairness and the public good.

How can we ensure editorial independence if newsrooms use proprietary language models to suggest, proofread, or even write articles? How can we prevent the fragmentation of the information landscape into a multitude of information bubbles fuelled by recommendation algorithms?

Director Technology & Media specialization, Columbia University - School of International and Public Affairs, EE.UU
Chief Editorial Officer, Organización Editorial Mexicana, Mexico



Harry Sasson

Join us for this unique evening at Harry Sasson’s. Transfer by bus from the Hilton Hotel and back departing at 18:45 and 19:00h from the hotel parking lot.

October 10 Tuesday


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Exploring New Revenue Streams and Diversification Strategies for Media Businesses

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Diversification has become a pivotal strategy for maintaining financial stability and adapting to evolving market trends. Relying solely on traditional advertising and reader revenues is no longer enough. Diversification is no longer just a strategy; it’s necessary for media businesses seeking sustained growth and adaptability. By strategically implementing these diverse revenue streams, media companies can navigate uncertainties and position themselves for success in an ever-evolving industry.

President of Henneo, President of WAN-IFRA, Spain

Unlocking the audience value in Latin America

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Media outlets in Latin America still have considerable opportunities to grow their digital advertising revenue but to do so, they need to develop a solid foundation on which to build value for their readers, their clients, and their companies.

Managing Director, Condé Nast Mexico & Latin America, Mexico

Navigating the Retail Media Revolution

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A new frontier has emerged at the intersection of commerce and content – Retail Media. Discover how retail media is revolutionising traditional advertising, creating unique opportunities for brands to connect with consumers at the point of purchase. Led by industry trailblazers and seasoned experts, this session will uncover strategies to effectively leverage retail platforms, both online and offline, to captivate audiences and drive unprecedented growth.

VP Colombia, RelevanC, Colombia


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Products and audiences in challenging times: Lessons learned with 200 media outlets in the region

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In recent years, media organisations have encountered a number of challenges, such as the fragmentation of audiences and the search for sustainability in a fast-changing environment. In this context, it is important to reflect on how to adapt strategies to succeed in this new reality.
This session will present the lessons learned from Dosunos’ fieldwork conducted with more than 200 media outlets in Latin America.

Using a holistic but business-focused approach, different initiatives will be presented to address these challenges and face 2024 with a renewed perspective.

CEO y cofounder, Dosunos, Argentina
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AdVantage 2023: Leading the Evolution of Advertising. Presentation and Panel discussion

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Explore the convergence of AI, data analytics, immersive experiences, and purpose-driven advertising as we navigate the path to resonance in a fragmented digital world. From crafting compelling narratives to harnessing the full spectrum of emerging platforms, we’re drafting the blueprint for a new era of advertising that engages, captivates, and endures.

These thought leaders will engage in thought-provoking conversations that will not just shape strategies but also define the industry’s trajectory.

CEO Havas Group Colombia & Central Latam, Colombia
Chief Digital Officer, EL TIEMPO, Colombia
CEO, Kantar IBOPE Media, Colombia & Ecuador


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